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RSB-212 Monitor System

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Features: Subwoofer, dual 12"

  • Studio reference-quality subwoofer system
  • Part of the QSC Reference Monitor System, including matched RSC-112 screen channel loudspeaker, signal processing, and amplification
  • Optimized for use behind a perforated screen
  • Two long-throw 12" (305 mm) woofers with 3" (76 mm) voice coils
  • M10 threaded inserts offer flexible and safe deployment options for a variety of applications
  • Optional RBK-12 baffle wing system
  • NL8 Speakon™ connector
  • 15-ply Baltic birch plywood construction



Rated Coverage Angle (-6 dB)


Frequency Range1 (-10dB)

30 Hz to 120 Hz

Crossover Frequencies

80 to 120 Hz (selectable) up to 48 dB/oct using dedicated Q-SYS DSP

Rated Noise Power / rms Voltage2

1000 W / 55 V


96 dB

Maximum continuous SPL4

120.5 dB

Maximum peak SPL4

126.5 dB

Rated Impedance

Recommended Amplifier Power

1000 W


2 x 12 in. (305 mm) Kevlar-reinforced paper cones, 3 in. voice coils

Enclosure Details


Input Connector

Parallel NL8: 1/to sub, 2/thru, 3/thru, 4/thru

Enclosure Material

15-ply Baltic birch plywood

Dimensions (HxWxD)

28.5” x 15.1” x 13.5” (725 x 383 x 344 mm)

Net Weight

89 lb (40.4 kg)

Included Accessories


Optional Accessories

RBK-12 baffle wing kit

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